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Identify and develop their behavioral and relational skills in a professional situation.

The quality of life at work is everyone's business. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health considers that it designates and groups together under the same title the actions which make it possible to reconcile improvement of working conditions for employees and overall performance of establishments.

In all humility, this training is intended to be an experience taking into account human complexity and its balance within the professional world.

Identifying your behavioral and relational skills is therefore the first step in developing them.

Duration: 25 hours – 4 days face-to-face

Dates:  Inter/Individuals: November 15, 2021

          Intra: to be agreed with the company.

bureau à domicile


All public salaried or not, managers, job seekers, creator or head of business.


formation's goal


At the end of this training, the trainee will be able to:

Identify their behavioral and relational functioning habits.

Apply new habits in a professional situation.

This training was designed to get to know each other better and communicate better with others to promote individual and collective performance.

Understand their own modes of operation and mode of interaction with known or new environments.

Identify the possibilities of early management of healing by becoming aware of its stress and conflict mechanisms.

Identify the right channels of communication with its interlocutors and with its teams.

Be a fulfilled and assertive actor, director of his individual and collective performance within his company.

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