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With a Master's degree in operational management from ESSEC Business School , David, a former high-level athlete and Master of Martial Arts, has devoted himself throughout his dual career as Director of business units and executive sports, to "human resources", the development of talents and employees.

Its main mission:

“Accompanying you today to make you better tomorrow than yesterday”

  You wish :

- Remove brakes and blockages

- Support your organization

- Optimize your individual and collective performance.

- Find the keys to lasting success


A guarantee, that of re-inventing each other, co-constructing its solutions for the achievement of your objectives with a view to their personal, professional or sporting development around respect for your benchmarks, your ecological needs, your natural preferences.


You hold the map, you choose the destination, I will hold the compass with you.

My mission


My main mission: to allow you to reap fruit through your requests with a view to achieving your personal, professional or sporting objectives:

  • Optimize your performance.

  • Lift your brakes and blockages.

  • Get moving towards your personal, professional, sporting development.

  • Rise up to reveal yourself.

Notre démarche qualité


Dans le cadre de notre démarche qualité, nous analysons systématiquement la satisfaction de nos clients. 



Nombre d'avis  : 123

Date : 08/03/2023

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