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mental preparation

Mental preparation aims at the development, the exploitation of the resources and skills of the athlete or the manager in question in order to allow him to reach his best level of performance taking into account his own potentialities.


  • Actor in the sports world

  • Leaders, managers, business leaders


  • in video,

  • face-to-face:

    •   2 VIP programs:

      • in immersion (personalized)

      • In an exceptional place (formula blocked in Martinique)

The duration of the action


  • individual supervision of mental trainers

  • Collective supervision of mental trainers



mental preparation 

Preliminary interview: free


performance coaching  

Flat rate pack of between 8 and 12 sessions of approximately 1h30 depending on the situation

Flat rate between 1600 and 2200 €

Support coaching

1 to 2 times/month

Price of the session 200 euros

Annual price pack: 2000 to 4000 €

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